Derek Hunter

President Obama and Congressional Democrats’ legislative record will be the redheaded stepchild of the 3-day convention that easily could be renamed “Pretend the Last Four Years Didn’t Happen-stock.”

Its roster of speakers will consist of an endless stream of self-imposed victims and government parasite freaks that would make P.T. Barnum blush. And those are just the Congressional Democrats. The real mutant parade starts when every prominent abortionist in America gets her – and we use the term loosely here – 20 minutes at the mic and climaxes with Sandra Fluke.

Democrats hold up Fluke as an example of the strong, independent, modern woman who has replaced her societally imposed need for a man with government. You’ve come a long way baby…unfortunately you went a long way in the wrong direction.

The party of “Keep Your Laws Off My Body” will celebrate government takeover of health care. The party of “Keep Your Laws Out Of My Bedroom” will cheer government mandating contraception. The party of “We Are Our Brother’s Keeper” will re-nominate a multi-millionaire who has not sent his dirt-poor brother one penny to help with his own nephew’s medical bills.

They will do all of this without any sense of irony or shame at their hypocrisy.

And the media, led by the bobble-headed quartet on MSNBC, will cheer the courage, promise and vision of a party whose overriding desire is to encourage people to have faith not in themselves but in government. They will cheer a philosophy of defeatism designed to squelch aspiration and celebrate envy.

“Yes We Can” has become “It’s Someone Else’s Fault.” The only mention of a budget will be attacks against Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. We won’t hear a word about why the Democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t bothered to pass one for nearly four years.

“Created or saved” will be held up as something to celebrate rather than the meaningless, conjured-out-of-nowhere measure to justify or obscure failure it is. The drinking-game word for the week will be “inherited.” Take a sip of alcohol every time you hear that word this week, and you’ll be dead … or at least an honorary Kennedy.

The Democrat Convention will be a “Twilight Zone” event. Thousands will pretend the last four years didn’t happen, last week’s positive, forward-looking message from the RNC was, in fact, racist code and the authentically powerful, influential black, Hispanic and women speakers who took to the podium in Tampa didn’t exist.

They will celebrate President Obama’s meaningless campaign slogan: “Forward.” But outside the convention hall in Real America, voters are beginning think we’ve gone about as far forward as we can down the dead-end street of one of history’s spectacularly failed philosophies. They’ve begun to think in terms of turning things around, of getting back to work. They’ll hear a lot of gauzy talk about the future, but they will get exactly zero look at the reality of what going “forward” down Obama Avenue has meant over the last four years. They will get spin, lies and enough smoke blown up where the sun doesn’t shine that they’ll run risk of getting colon cancer.

It won’t all be sad. After all, the Democrats have a world-class comedian coming to their convention. What time is Joe Biden’s speech anyway?

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.