Derek Hunter

But the media reaction to this story would lead you to believe Romney pulled a “Clark Griswold” and chained the dog to the bumper, dragging it to its death. Or beat it mercilessly. Or worse, ate it.

I mention that last one because that’s what a young Barack Obama did to dogs during his time in Indonesia. Yes, we have a president who ate dogs.

Now, I don’t care Barack Obama ate dogs. Neither does he given he wrote openly about it in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. But the hypocrisy over the outrage of the Romney dog story necessitates looking into it.

The lapdog media immediately snapped to attention to protect their master. PolitiFact decided not to “fact check” it because it is, in fact, a fact. Instead, they oddly felt the need to put it “in context.” Not to be outdone, Buzzfeed, a new breed of lapdog bred from the bowels of former Politico “journalists” took their defense a step further. They posted a story about the practice of eating dog meat, along with graphic photos, and equated it to eating chicken. Yes, you read that right, eating chicken, complete with pictures of both President Obama and Mitt Romney eating chicken.

PETA, the radical left-wing animal rights group, wasn’t going to waste time trying to create a distraction, they simply gave Obama a pass on his culinary experiment.

Given the poverty from which many of our past presidents have risen, he may well not be the first to have eaten dogs. But that’s hardly the point.

But PETA has no such understanding for Mitt Romney. Its website features a post about the trip entitled, “Mitt Romney’s Cruel Vacation.”

Romney’s dog, delicious as it might have been, lived through the vacation and lived out the rest of his life naturally. And the entire episode would be a non-story if, again, the president and his people felt comfortable talking about the economy, unemployment, gas prices, the explosion of federal spending, etc.

David Axelrod, the head of President Obama’s reelection campaign, couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie. He tweeted a photo of the president in the car with his dog “Bo” with the caption, “How loving owners transport their dogs.”

It was then it hit why Democrats had become so outraged about how Romney treated his dog. It’s not the dog so much as that the Romneys were in their own car – not a government-issue sedan. And they were paying for the trip themselves – another concept big-government liberals can’t seem to master.

But you won’t hear any of this in the lapdog media. What you will hear is more nitpicking of non-issues as they pertain to Mitt Romney. You’ll hear more about the Mormon Church, into which Romney was born, than you ever heard about the radical racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, into whose church an adult Barack Obama willingly walked and stayed for 20 years. You’ll hear more “truth” about Mitt Romney’s record than you’ll hear about the millions of Americans who don’t count in Barack Obama’s unemployment numbers because they’ve given up looking for work. You’ll hear more about how rich Mitt Romney made himself legally than you even will about how rich Barack Obama made his big donors with our money.

The lapdog media never will cover this president honestly. They will spin for him and obstruct his failed record as long as they can because they support his left-wing agenda and they think, based on their occupations, that they know what is best for America. Well, that and they know how he has the potential to treats dogs.


Many of you have sent me emails (Thank you for them. I read them all and respond to as many as time will allow) saying you miss the long-form columns I used to write that had quick hits at the end. Life doesn’t allow for me to do that every week. This weekend, for instance, I’m best man at a wedding, so my entire week is compressed. But here are two quick ones.

Government at Work…sort of. Nancy Pelosi says unemployment checks are one of the best ways to stimulate the economy. Were that true, given the real unemployment rate, we’d be a lot closer to economic recovery than we are to Greece. Unemployment checks don’t stimulate the economy, of course. In fact, they seem to prevent unemployment from coming down as quickly as it otherwise would. But it does seem some concerned employees of the government of the District of Columbia took Pelosi’s words the heart and decided to collect unemployment while being employed. They’ve since been caught and are facing charges. If I could, I’d like to suggest the following defense for these people: Most government employees don’t really work, so technically they’re qualified for unemployment. Then again, it looks as though the Obama administration might’ve liked what it has seen in its own backyard.

What’s a Pension? You don’t have to feel sorry for Terry List, a public school teacher in Michigan. She wants you to, but it’s highly unnecessary. She is upset because she had her life all planned out, and the state is trying to stop her. She wanted to retire at age 47. She hadn’t earned or saved enough to do it, but she had planned to take advantage of extremely union-friendly laws that would have allowed her to become a parasite of the state at an early age. The Michigan legislature has moved to deny this. It will make her wait till age 60 to collect retiree health benefits and, horror of horrors, also require her to contribute at least 5 percent to her retirement plan. The private sector has seen pensions (guaranteed income for life) replaced by 401k’s (where workers, with contributions from their employers, are responsible for themselves). But a lot of public-sector workers, such as Ms. List, want taxpayers to subsidize their lives of leisure through some of their most productive years. She is outraged. She told her union, the Michigan Education Association, that “Right now, I would not recommend to my pupils to become a teacher in Michigan.” I support this. I don’t want anyone who learned from a lazy, parasite wanna-be such as Terry List to enter the teaching profession. We have enough worthless teachers we can’t get rid of now, and it looks like we’ll be stuck with her till she’s 60. She could quit, of course. But that would benefit her students and the state – and those are things she has no interest in doing.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, a Handshake… Desperate to raise enough campaign cash to run enough attack ads to keep the focus off his dismal record, our president charged supporters $1,000 for a handshake in Dearborn, Mich., this week. One of the cultists who lined up to touch the “Dear Leader” told a reporter, “You know, you go without a couple of meals. We can miss a couple meals.” Hopefully, this was not literal. Hopefully, people are not missing meals for five seconds of physical contact with a man who “will not rest” until he gets the economy back on track…or how it will affect his putting and chipping as he continues his record amount of golfing for a president.

That is all, go about your week.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.