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Don’t believe me? Here are some samples from an epic piece on entitled “How Did Meghan McCain Get Into Columbia?” (These are real samples of her writing.)

The baby boomers have dropped the ball on their burden of responsibility.

I am worried we are reaching some kind of breaking point when it comes to not only Americans but young Americans.

Not only have we not been given hope and change, but generation Y is feeling disillusionment and asking ourselves what exactly do we have to look forward to? Friends of mine and friends of friends of mine are all essentially dealing with the same issues and fears no matter what their backgrounds or jobs; they are worried about what kind of future we are heading into and at the same time feeling lost about how we can band together to somehow prevent the asteroid of economic debt that seems to be headed straight for us.

I apologize for your headache, but you see my point. We ain’t dealin’ with the brightest bulb on the tree here.

So after Redstate published the second satire by “Totally,” she did what any “strong, independent” woman would do - she had her lawyers write a letter demanding the posts be taken down.

The law firm of Snell and Wilmer, according to the letter, “represents Meghan McCain with respect to intellectual property matters.” Yes, “intellectual property” was just used in reference to the works of Meghan McCain. At least it was billable for the firm.

In his post about the letter, Erick Erickson, editor-in-chief of Redstate, said, “We’re confident that we are within our rights to parody and mock Meghan McCain on this. It is frankly not worth our time.”

More hysterically, and accurately, Erickson said, “We’re actually stunned that any reasonable person could read those posts and think a living human being wrote them.” True that.

For her part, McCain took to Twitter to release this little gem of a statement:

I'm a 26-year-old woman threatening to sue a website that illegally used my byline. The fact that their response was sexist is predictable.

Where exactly the sexism can be found in Redstate’s statement remains a mystery. Perhaps it’s Fantasyland. That seems to be where Meghan McCain lives, somewhere between reality and the place where Fredo Corleone really is “smaaat.” Maybe a little closer to Fredo.

Derek Hunter

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