Dennis Prager

No column I have written has elicited more hate mail than my last one on the 12-year-old girl who spoke at the Democratic National Convention and publicly ridiculed Vice President Dick Cheney. I have written against same-sex marriage; on behalf of the president's international policies, capital punishment and Israel; argued for the superiority of the Judeo-Christian value system; and even defended divorce. Yet no column has elicited so much anger, use of expletives and foolish thinking.

It is clear I hit a deep nerve among many liberals and Democrats.

I wrote that this young girl exemplified the modern liberal desire to erase distinctions between children and adults, citing a number of examples, including the desire to lower the voting age first to 18 and now in California to 16 or even 14; not having children call adults "Mr." or "Mrs."; and having students rather than professors determine college curricula.

And I wrote that "Democrats went crazy . . . listening to a 12-year-old publicly mock the Republican vice president of the United States."

But what most infuriated my liberal correspondents was my writing, "This girl has accomplished nothing compared to Dick Cheney. She has no wisdom, no humility and no knowledge beyond the leftist platitudes spoon-fed by her parents and schools.  She is a mere child, more foolish than most, in that she actually thinks she has earned the right to publicly ridicule the vice president of the United States."

Here are some examples:

"Has it come to this? The desperation of the GOP? Insulting a 12 yr old girl. You sure are a class act."

"You're an a--hole for saying that Wexler girl has not earned the right to criticize Cheney. F--- YOU d--k head."

"I have found that my own kids, aged 5 and 6 now can make very profound statements and can be very wise."

"Ilana Wexler earned the right to criticize anyone she wants to on the day she was born an American, you idiot!"

"Picking on little girls -- too pathetic for comment, really. I will pray for you. Geek."

"You are a very sad person if picking on the kid at the convention is your idea of clever writing."

"You have some nerve picking on a child. But I guess that is what we should all expect from Republicans now. Bible thumping and self righteousness all the while raping and molesting children when they think no one is looking. So, blow it out your ass."

"In re: your incredibly harsh words for Ilana Wexler . . . Go F--- Yourself."

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is a SRN radio show host, contributing columnist for and author of his newest book, “The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code.”

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