Dennis Prager

With great enthusiasm, USA Today featured a front-page article in its "Life Section" on the allegedly booming industry of "bachelorette" parties. Mirroring bachelor parties, these parties feature male hunks stripping and performing lap dances on the bride-to-be and some of her friends.

The article was accompanied by a large color photo of one attractive bride-to-be ecstatically smiling while a male stripper with long hair on his head and no hair on his chest rubbed himself on her thigh.

We are told that such bachelorette parties are increasingly common, the modern woman's answer to bachelor parties featuring a groom-to-be, his male friends and female strippers. As women are now the equals of men throughout society, we are told, they are equal here, too.

Trouble is, the whole thing is largely untrue and entirely sad.

It is not untrue in terms of the reporting -- such parties are taking place. What is untrue is the message -- that female sexuality is so similar to men's that women enjoy ogling male nudity and long to touch anonymous naked men.

I asked young women listeners to my radio show to call and tell me if, moral values aside, they could imagine themselves excited by a bunch of gorgeous men taking their clothes off and rubbing their bodies on them as female strippers do for men. Overwhelmingly they called (and wrote) to say that such images actually turned them off. The few who said they would like it, under questioning came to realize that they hardly like what men like.

For example, a 29-year-old woman who described herself as highly sexually charged was adamant that just as a man could get excited with a lap dance from a nearly naked woman, she could really get into a male stripper doing the same. I asked her two questions:

If any of the male strippers said he wanted to have sex with you in an adjacent room, values aside, would you go?

No way.

Would you go with the male stripper into a private room away from your women friends and have him rub his naked body all over you?

No way.

I could have asked her many more questions to explain how different her sexually charged femaleness is from that of even a normally charged male: Would she like all the male strippers to rub their hands all over her body, under her clothing? Men would. Would she get turned on watching the males have sex with one another? Men fantasize women doing this.

For virtually every woman on planet Earth, the answers to these and many other questions -- most of them unfit for a family newspaper -- are no. For virtually every male on the same planet, the answers are yes.

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is a SRN radio show host, contributing columnist for and author of his newest book, “The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code.”

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