Debra J. Saunders

Not so the many self-styled feminists who trashed Lewinsky, including America's feminist first lady. Recently released archives report how the first lady told friend Diane Blair that she considered Lewinsky to be a "narcissistic looney tune," while Clinton blamed herself for her husband's extramarital junket.

"I find her impulse to blame the Woman -- not only me, but herself -- troubling," Lewinsky writes.

The sisterhood got buried in an avalanche of excuses, starting with: Boys will be boys.

The pro-Clinton mantra during impeachment held that if Hillary could forgive Bubba, surely the country should, too.

I never thought Hillary Clinton owed Lewinsky anything, but she did owe the voters the truth -- and that took a long time coming. Now with the passing of time, perhaps Hillary should come out and forgive Lewinsky, too, if only to assuage those Dems who saw Hillary Clinton's forgiveness as the great indulgence, the cleaner of all slates.

It's time to let Lewinsky, as Clintonistas used to say, move on. She has graduated into an elite group: people who learn from their mistakes.

Debra J. Saunders

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