Debra J. Saunders

Others signed on to Covered California plans by tightening their belts. David Latham told me, "In order to pay for the 59 percent increase in my premium, I had to take money that I was putting into my 401(k) plan and apply it to my health insurance. So now my retirement plan will have less money in it."

Industry insiders have their own laments. Administration is a nightmare, agent Tony Uccelli wrote, but worse: "In the end, what really happens, is the people who were really paying for all the care before, now pay more, (SET ITAL) plus (END ITAL) the level of service they got just got destroyed."

Obama could have expanded Medicaid without mandating an end to so many of last year's private plans. Democrats could have set up a system that didn't gut the private coverage of self-employed people who had done everything right. Instead, they chose to dismantle the individual market as they lied about how people would be able to keep the plans they liked.

"My question to Obama is simple," Vailetti wrote. "Why penalize hard-working law-abiding citizens like me?"

Debra J. Saunders

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