Debra J. Saunders
With apologies to "Howl" author Allen Ginsberg.

Part I

I saw the vast majority of three generations destroyed by madness, cursing unethical betrayed

Spitting at frozen screens teasing 404 error waiting for the dusk of peak hours

Onesie-clad hipsters sipping hot chocolate little marshmallows bobbing blinking hashtags in a sea of brown

Who opened cancellation notices all hollow-eyed and bitter sat up spewing the PolitiFact-tested rhetoric of 2010 word wars that promised nothing unfair to anyone rural or citified, and all that jazz

Who intoned: What happened to you if you like your stinking doctor or if you like your bourgeois health plan with its specialists doing important research at Stanford?

Who were expelled from their precious private policies and crazy enough to think those plans covered them

Who cowered when they realized what Obama thinks is affordable, burning old contracts in wastebaskets and contact info for their doctors

Who watched the White House extend final deadlines on employer mandates co-payment caps and heaped scorn as Ted Cruz read "Green Eggs and Ham" the madman of the shutdown who thought he could de-fund the law of the land?

Oh,, you are not healthy, you poison the messy soup of government --

As you run roughshod over icy Pecksniffs moaning for substandard plans not yearning for 10 essential benefits grousing about the inexorable spurt of premiums due

To take what was affordable and make it less affordable but still call it affordable and to care enough to call it care when fewer doctors actually provide care but remember that in the end, it always would be and surely will be an act

With the absolute heart of American health care butchered pulsing blood losing blood and yearning to feed upon itself for another election cycle.

Part II

What sphinx of Beantown and beltways threw away the individual market and left adults yearning for their substandard policies?

Amazon! Connectivity! Drones! Enrollees! Sign-ups are unattainable goalposts! Children have no pre-existing illness! Boys with maternity coverage! Old men scamming Medicare!

Amazon! Amazon! Dependable as Amazon! Amazon efficiency! Amazon the heavy judge of what works.

Able Amazon! Amazon swift mover of goods! Amazon! The boxless soulless warehouse and FedEx of presents! Amazon, whose customers get to buy stuff! Amazon the taker of the card! Amazon outgunned government!

Amazon! You must be a Republican idea with a conservative heritage even if no Republican voted for you.

Debra J. Saunders

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