Debra J. Saunders

What happens when a six-pack of beer at the neighborhood convenience store is about the same price as soda -- maybe even cheaper? Seeing as City Hall knows best, the answer must be: healthier people.

It's too easy for Sanctimony City to pass another nanny law that penalizes apolitical people who have no downtown clout. Remember San Francisco's Happy Meal ban, when the city took a swipe at McDonald's in an alleged stand against obesity?

You would think San Francisco had a serious problem; mayhap its streets were littered with teensy toys that smelled like french fries.

Oh, wait. I'm wrong. San Francisco streets are littered with trash and feces and guys who are camped out on the sidewalk. City streets smell not of soda pop but of urine. Smart women don't wear sandals when they have to walk downtown, because this city is filthy.

The streets are a qualify-of-life issue. When residents and tourists drink too much soda, it doesn't really affect other taxpayers' quality of life. (Yes, I know. If folks need medical care, that costs taxpayers money. But if that's a city standard for butting in, then shut down all the bars.)

When city pols say they're going to clean up the streets, the homeless lobby fights back. But when city solons decide to put the squeeze on soda, they know the couch potato lobby won't stand up. When bullies go after the fat kid, he always hands over his lunch money.

Debra J. Saunders

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