Debra J. Saunders

Viewers got a hard look at a cruel streak. Schwarzenegger and the housekeeper brought their innocent child to spend time at the family home with his unwitting wife and their four unknowing children. This betrayal will last a lifetime.

"Total Recall" reminds readers about what they always liked about Ah-nold. He's charming. He's funny. He has pluck. He tells a good story as he passes on some of the best advice thrown his way in the course of his unbelievable true life. He says he takes responsibility for his mistakes and then confidently shrugs them off. Part of you wishes you could be like that, if but for one minute.

But Schwarzenegger does not mention his most craven act in office -- his out-the-door commutation of a prison sentence for a crony's son, who had pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Schwarzenegger cut the sentence to seven years from 16.

At the time, Fred Santos, the father of victim Luis Dos Santos, 22, told me the departing governor knew it was "a bad move." That's why he did it "in a very sneaky way," he said.

I see why Schwarzenegger left that stain out of the book. He could hardly confess to it with mock remorse but a glint in his eye.

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Debra J. Saunders

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