Debra J. Saunders

Santorum sounded far beyond his 54 years when he railed during the debate, "When I was in the United States Senate, there was transparency."

Here's another problem: When your record is dated, voters may not remember why decisions, which you now regret, seemed like a good idea at the time. When Santorum apologized for his 2001 vote in favor of President George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" education package, the Arizona audience booed.

Were the candidates who dropped out of the race better? Sort of. There are three formers and two presents. Gone are former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Texas Gov. Rick Perry remain in office.

When dissatisfied Republicans look at today's has-been field and dream about a brokered or contested convention, they sigh longingly about Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Another man at the top of the list is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, whose tenure ended in January 2007.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona was 71 when Republicans nominated him in 2008, but he was in the thick of the action. He still is. McCain was in Cairo last week, standing up to Egypt's repressive new leadership.

Not this pack. They no longer represent anything. They only work for themselves.

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Debra J. Saunders

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