Debra J. Saunders

After I mentioned Barzaghi, Clifford responded that Brown "eventually dismissed him." And: "This incident at eBay goes beyond an employee who had a problem"; it goes to "the temperament and behavior of a person who wants to be governor."

I asked if Brown's actions had resulted in any legal settlements. "There have been none," Clifford answered.

That said, it was choice to read California Democratic Party Executive Director Shawnda Westly faulting Whitman's "explosive temperament." After all, state party chairman John "F-Bomb" Burton was the target of a sexual harassment lawsuit when he was Senate president pro tem. That matter settled out of court, too.

As a Republican, I want to know why Whitman did not disclose this story during the primary.

Did she tell campaign staff? I can't get an on-the-record answer, although The New York Times reported that Whitman's senior campaign adviser and eBay alum Henry Gomez was in the loop.

Maybe, as a political neophyte, Whitman does not understand that the people who support her have a right to know if she recently agreed to a legal settlement that could hurt GOP chances in November. In any event, she left GOP primary voters out of the loop.

"We knew about it a long time ago," Clifford told me. "It's a well-known incident in the business community in Silicon Valley." (He also denied that the Brown campaign had anything to do with The New York Times story.)

Face it: This story was bound to get out.

And it did.

Debra J. Saunders

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