Debra J. Saunders

Don't hold your breath on that score. When I asked Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford earlier this week when and if Brown would present his own budget plan -- as Whitman has done -- the answer essentially was that Brown would work with the Legislature to come up with "collaborative" solutions.

Now you would think Whitman would leap for the chance to point out that working too well with big-spending lawmakers beholden to special interests got California into this soup. But her campaign is about as nimble as a large cruise ship in a small harbor. No script-ee, no talk-ee.

Expect more real action U.S. Senate-side. Tuesday night, Sen. Barbara Boxer's campaign invited Fiorina to debate. Fiorina responded Wednesday, "Bring it on. Anytime, anywhere."

And: "Barbara, meet me in Mendota," where the unemployment rate is 40 percent, thanks in part to federal water policies. If they both mean what they say -- never a given in politics -- Boxer and Fiorina aren't afraid of a fair fight.

Debra J. Saunders

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