Debra J. Saunders

That's right -- Campbell is supporting a measure that continues the current budget's sales tax, income tax and vehicle license fee increases for another two years. In the past, Campbell has supported measures to limit state spending -- his clear preference to raising taxes. But as Campbell told me Monday, he supports Proposition 1A because he recognizes "the importance of governing; the difference between campaigning and governing. The problem the Republican Party has is: We're perceived as incapable of governing because we're inflexible. That started with social issues but it seems to be migrating toward fiscal issues, too."

Be it noted, many Republicans are sorely disappointed in Schwarzenegger -- they see the governator as too flexible.

That's one explanation. The other is when Schwarzenegger did the hard part of the governing game, he tanked in the polls. He couldn't handle bad box office.

In an earlier interview, Campbell sighed as he recalled Schwarzenegger's "tremendous advantage" when he first won the recall election. The Austrian Oak "tried to do good" when he pushed for reform measures, which voters rejected in a 2005 special election. After that, Schwarzenegger's positions began to migrate.

"You have to be prepared to lose," Campbell noted.

"I've won and lost. It's OK."

Debra J. Saunders

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