Debra J. Saunders

When presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed a 90-day moratorium on housing foreclosures, Obama mocked the idea. Now he's for it. As Election Day nears, Obama has been scarfing up government proposals as if they are impulse items displayed at the checkout counter.

Next year's deficit is expected to exceed a half-trillion bucks. No worries. Obama said that he would trim federal spending with "a scalpel."

During this campaign, I've hit McCain for his gimmicky gas-tax summer-holiday proposal. It was a bad idea, considering the growing federal deficit, and his stated desire that Americans consume less foreign oil.

I look at McCain's new $52 billion so-called stimulus tax-cut package --McCain wants to halve capital gains taxes for the next two years -- and wonder how he expects to make up the difference. It cannot be done. And it violates McCain's fiscal conservative bona fides.

Then again, if McCain wants to lower taxes on the investing class to stimulate the economy and create American jobs, Democratic leaders are likely to work to keep McCain's impulses in check.

But who will curb Obama? Pelosi, with her stimulus spending plans? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who greased the bailout package with a $110 billion tip?

Team Obama may call McCain "erratic." Frantic would be the word for the spending spree bound to follow with the Democrats in full control of America's checkbook.

Debra J. Saunders

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