Debra J. Saunders

In that spirit and in recognition of the GOP's historic ties with the African-American community, DeNunzio made the SFGOP a presence at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast.

As a member of Mayor Gavin Newsom's 10-year plan on homeless commission, DeNunzio believes that San Francisco has "created a homeless industry." And he wants to take on that industry, but with the understanding that city policies should "respect the dignity of the human being."

Christopher L. Bowman, another indefatigable Repub, thinks DeNunzio "was a helluva fine commissioner" -- both on the homeless panel and on the Aging and Adult Services Commission. "He does his homework, and he gets things done."

"One of the problems has been that many Republicans have a defeatist attitude," former Police Chief Tony Ribera, now at the University of San Francisco, noted. "I know that Mike does not."

DeNunzio is aware that he is in an uphill fight. So be it. "Half the tennis players are not going to win," he shrugs. "They still go out and play."

Debra J. Saunders

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