Debra J. Saunders

Meanwhile, as a Democratic primary victory seemed less sure, Clinton switched from opposing setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq to supporting a timetable, and from opposing any attempt to cut war funding to voting against war funding. Ever shameless, Clinton told Pennsylvania voters Wednesday that Obama cannot be trusted to end the war.

The latest story to focus on Hillary's truthiness concerns a story Clinton heard from an Ohio sheriff's deputy about a young woman who, according to Clinton, was uninsured, pregnant and turned away from an Ohio hospital because she could not pay it $100. The baby was stillborn and tragically, the mother later died.

An aunt later confirmed that Trina Bechtel did not visit one hospital because she had once owed it money and feared she would have to pay $100 up front. But Clinton was wrong in that the woman was insured and two other hospitals did treat her. Besides, the story never made sense. One, a hospital has to treat uninsured patients whose lives are at stake. Two, if making money were the issue, wouldn't the hospital demand more than $100?

Team Clinton told CNN that it tried to vet the story, but as Brian Todd reported, "Officials at all three medical facilities in question tell us they have no recollection of being called by the Clinton campaign to vet any of this."

Or maybe to Team Clinton, facts don't matter. Anyone and everyone's sad story serve one goal in Clintonia: They're all props.

Debra J. Saunders

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