Debra J. Saunders

And what a speech Huckabee made Thursday night. Outspent by Romney 15-1, Huckabee stated, "The first thing we've learned is that people really are more important than the purse, and what a great lesson for America to learn."

Huckabee showed how his social conservatism can be framed as inclusive, when he noted that those who share his values "carry those convictions not so that we can somehow push back the others, but so we can bring along the others and bring this country to its greatest days ever."

I don't think Huckabee can win the primary -- and certainly not the general election. He overuses religion. He has over-pardoned violent criminals. The hokey way he pulled a negative ad -- after he showed it to reporters -- won't play in Nashua. And he is a bigger lightweight on foreign policy than Obama.

When it comes to the hustings, however, Obama was a virtuoso Thursday night. Obama, too, sang the body politic electric and inclusive, as he spoke of ending "the political strategy that's been all about division, and instead make it about addition -- to build a coalition for change that stretches through red states and blue states."

After all the knocking of Iowa as a 95 percent white state that lacked diversity, Iowa Democratic caucus voters chose the son of a Kenyan and a Kansan. What you have to love about politics most are the pleasant surprises.

Debra J. Saunders

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