Debra J. Saunders

Assistant D.A. William Loughlin argued in court that besides killing his mother, Tavares had been charged with robbery and assault. As for the prison assault charges, Loughlin said, "He has a history of crimes of violence, and he committed crimes of violence while he was even serving a crime of violence."

Loughlin asked Tuttman to order that Tavares wear a GPS-tracking device. Tavares' attorney had said that his client requested a monitoring device. But, a transcript shows, Tuttman concluded that there was "no indication" Tavares presented a flight risk and refused Loughlin's request.

No wonder the families of Brian and Beverly Mauck are furious. The criminal justice system failed them. The political system is not serving them, either. Romney can't be blamed for Tuttman's decision -- he had every reason to expect a law-and-order judge. That said, Romney comes across as craven in calling on Tuttman to resign -- without an investigation and without having talked to her.

Rudy Giuliani's campaign seems too eager to use this tragedy to its advantage. A Giuliani campaign spokesman told me this story serves as "an example of (how Romney) has not been as tough on crime as Rudy Giuliani has been."

In 1998, Dukakis was too slow in challenging a furlough program that never should have freed Willie Horton. In 2008, politics are all pile-on -- no deliberation. Or as Dukakis said of Romney over the phone Monday, "He'll throw anybody under the bus if he thinks it will help him politically."

Debra J. Saunders

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