Debra J. Saunders

(For those who think it is sexist to refer to the senator as "Hillary," not as Clinton, I can only cite the need to distinguish the hopeful Her from the former president Him. In 2000, wags referred to Bush as Dubya to distinguish him from his father, George H.W. Bush.)

No video can wipe away the ambition question. Already, Mrs. C. parlayed her long-suffering approach to her husband's hobby into a New York Senate seat. If she wins the White House, Clinton could be seen as America's most successful victim. Or as the fictional Carmela Soprano, an avowed Bush voter, said of Hillary during a ladies' lunch, "She's a role model for all of us."

I can see the GOP attack ads now: Hillary Clinton, a role model for the mob.

Not that it would stick.

"I don't see this campaign making a lot of mistakes," South noted. I have to agree. Candidate Clinton has come across as smart, likeable and presidential.

It's her voting record that is wanting. Some war opponents wonder if Clinton's vote in favor of the 2002 Iraq war resolution was cast in order to make an ambitious White House hopeful seem muscular (and masculine) on foreign policy. I believed that Clinton voted for the war for the right reasons -- because, like her husband, she believed Saddam Hussein had WMD. Now, perhaps ambition has her running from a vote that U.S. troops cannot walk away from.

Watch the video, and for a moment, you can fuggedaboutit. As Hillary Clinton said to her hubby in the diner, "Well, as you always say, 'Focus on the good times.'"

Debra J. Saunders

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