Debra J. Saunders

Some believe eHarmony is a target because founder Neil Warren is proud of his Christian faith. Such is the new McCarthyism.

And it doesn't matter that eHarmony stresses that it serves singles of many (and of no) religious persuasions. To the extent that critics mention Warren's faith, they are confirming the suspicion among social conservatives that more rights for gays mean fewer rights for the devout.

I should note that Pasternak did not mention Warren's religion. Even still, there is no getting around the selective intolerance of a lawsuit that targets a heterosexual dating service, while gay and other niche dating services abound.

The perfect match for this lawsuit might be Warren Olson, the editor of -- or if you will, he quipped, ""

Olson noted that Carlson has "a much better chance with existing dating services." But she is suing, Olson noted, because diversity and tolerance have come to mean, "It's not just that you get the choices you want, but also choices you don't approve of have to be taken away."

And, "Diversity in theory is the enemy of diversity in practice."

The very term harmony evokes the sound of differing chords coexisting and making interesting music.

As for Carlson's lawsuit, it could result in a world where all dating services must serve the same people.

It's one note.

Debra J. Saunders

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