Debra J. Saunders

That's a problem. I don't want Libby to go to prison. I think it's an outrage that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald prosecuted Libby for covering up his actions during Fitzgerald's probe into the leak of a former CIA official's identity -- especially because Fitzgerald never saw fit to prosecute the original leak itself.

Still, you can't vote to convict Clinton for obstructing justice, then argue that pardoning Libby would preserve justice.

Thompson's supporters promise an "unconventional campaign" that uses free media creatively. They point to Thompson's YouTube video response to filmmaker Michael Moore's challenge to a debate -- which siphoned away media attention from the second GOP presidential primary debate of announced candidates. He was a no-show, but he won points in the spin game.

Others wonder if the unconventional campaign spin is an attempt to make a virtue out of Thompson's reputation as a man not willing to work Washington hours.

Former California Republican Party Chairman Duf Sundheim told me, "I view him as the Wesley Clark of the 2008 campaign." Sundheim said he thought Thompson could become a serious candidate, but that a much-hyped speech in Orange County, which fell short of expectations, "leads me to believe he's not ready yet."

Then again, there was a time when that was what they said about Ronald Reagan.

Debra J. Saunders

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