Debra J. Saunders

On the other hand, Newsom's rhetoric matters because it sends a message that San Francisco supports those who flout not only federal immigration laws, but also deportation orders. If they have criminal records, so be it.

Yes, ICE officials nab other illegal immigrants -- those without deportation orders -- in the course of arresting warranted fugitive aliens. Last I checked, taxpayers don't pay immigration officials to ignore illegal immigration.

And as Kice noted, "Nobody is going to be removed from the United States without due process." As for the early morning arrests -- ICE officials want to catch deportation scofflaws before they go to work.

The sheriff told me, "I think the sanctuary ordinance has distinct positive value in San Francisco." To wit: It assures illegal immigrants that they can report crimes without fear of deportation -- and that makes the city safer.

Really? Kice noted that some of the immigration fugitives committed crimes that preyed "on members of the immigrant community."

And how can a city be safer when its own mayor tells the world that residents have a right to break federal immigration law, even to defy a judge's deportation order -- because they don't have to adhere to laws they don't like?

Debra J. Saunders

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