Debra J. Saunders

Studies establish link between gun violence and videogames. Shooter's family seemed friendly. Anti-bullying classes designed to defuse ticking time bombs. April: The big month for death and taxes. The blame game: Who's to blame? Knee-jerk reactions to knee-jerk reactions. Cho's movie script revealed an inner rage. When to know when violent copy is not entertainment. The impact of 24-7 news coverage of school shootings on your children. The 32 victims: They were actual people. Enough already. After the tragedy, comes the noise. Headlines scream that America is mourning, but mostly you just hear babble.

There is much that is unseemly about how we in the media twist a horrific episode like this and make it about not the students and faculty who died, but about everyone else, about us, about journalists, viewers and readers.

In this short attention-span nation, people know how to opine, speculate and second-guess. We take other people's agony and irreparable loss, and turn their pain into a soap opera. We do everything well but grief.

Debra J. Saunders

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