Debra J. Saunders

Does this, as political consultant Jack Davis of public-sex-party fame suggested, mean Newsom should resign? No, Newsom was elected to run the city. Pitiful as it may be, Newsom is the only buffer protecting San Francisco from the whims of a board of supervisors hostile to businesses and homeowners.

As for that "personal work," it could start with Newsom acknowledging that he is too old to play the boyish charm card. Hizzoner may look in the mirror and see a don of Davos, but to the public, he looks more like San Francisco's Miss USA.

Make that San Francisco's middle-aged male version of Miss USA. I recognize that some readers look at this story and blame the media. Be assured that the many reporters, photographers and TV cameramen in the room -- and I was one of them -- are hardly proud that this story attracts this much press. But it's too big a story to skip.

The last time a San Francisco mayor attracted this much attention, it was 1995. Then-Mayor Frank Jordan had taken a shower, naked, with two disc jockeys -- in front of a photographer. Jordan's attempt to appeal to young voters lost him any chance of being re-elected. Jordan was and is a good man -- but Ess Eff voters couldn't forgive him for looking so, well, dumb.

Some voters may view this extramarital affair as a sophisticated liaison between consenting adults. But in the hardball world of politics, having sex with your appointments secretary, who also happens to be married to your deputy chief of staff, and then making the cuckolded husband your campaign manager -- that's dumb, arrogant and just plain wrong.

Debra J. Saunders

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