Debra J. Saunders

News on the Iraq war is bound to be bad when the media fail to report news that does not reinforce the media view of this war as unwinnable. It took less than two weeks after the war in Iraq began for The Chronicle to run the first opinion piece that called the war a "quagmire."

I shudder to think what would happen in Afghanistan if the defeat crowd wins an early retreat from Iraq. Feinstein echoed the argument made by Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., that the U.S. presence in Iraq has lasted longer than U.S. participation in World Wars I and II. As Feinstein put it, "After a war that's gone on as long just about as World War II, the people and the Congress are entitled to a timetable."

Well, U.S. troops have been in Afghanistan longer than in Iraq. Still, Feinstein said that she supports keeping troops in Afghanistan because "the Afghanis want the NATO forces there. Iraqis want us out. We have become an occupying force."

How long do you think that support will last if jihadis around the world decide to camp out in Afghanistan? How long will it take before polls show American support for U.S. troops in Afghanistan falling? How long then will it be before Feinstein wants an Afghanistan timetable?

Debra J. Saunders

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