Debra J. Saunders

Last year, when Jolie adopted an AIDS orphan, a little girl whom she named Zahara, she did not know whether the child was HIV positive. (Later, Jolie was glad to learn the girl does not have HIV.) She noted, "The upsetting thing was that I was sat down and it was explained to me that -- that, don't worry, because, in this country, it's not a death sentence." So the actress is working to spare children in countries where it is a death sentence.

I like Jolie's message of hope. Celebrity interviews often emit a vampire-like quality, as breathless interviewers feed on stars' personal tragedies and setbacks and the celebrity-victim comes across as the latest pouty facelift with a story that says, "Poor me."

For Jolie, the focus is on the truly poor, and the many things Americans can do for them if they open their wallets. She sees the suffering, but also she sees the resilience of people who have endured unspeakable loss -- yet it is not too late to help them.

Now, Angelina, think of little girls in this country who see you as a role model. Marry your baby's father.

Debra J. Saunders

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