Debra J. Saunders

 A Zoological Society of London spokesman told The Independent: "We are saying, 'Look, here are human beings stripped down and treated exactly the same way as other animals.' We are the same, and the way we treat animals has consequences."

 The Independent also reported how the "human zoo" highlighted humankind's status as a "plague species" that threatens nearly 15,600 species, and has destroyed 844 other species and "some 800 million of its own kind." So the zoo transforms itself from an institution designed to inspire and teach about nature into an institution that departs from science -- with this phony natural habitat and erroneous claim that humans are "the same" as other animals -- to teach people that humanity isn't so hot.

 Defenders can argue they are trying to push people to think about mankind from a different perspective. Except that the simplistic conclusion -- that people are bad unless they're the good people who lecture about how bad people are -- is so common these days that there is nothing unique about the message. Man is a "plague species" -- with few redeeming qualities.

 In short: Man is just like any other primate ... only worse.

Debra J. Saunders

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