Debra J. Saunders

Then, some day, Congress will have to hike the payroll taxes of 25-year-olds to bankroll the drug bill for seniors who think that only other people should have to pay for their medicine.

President Bush was right to ask Congress to authorize $87 billion in spending to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the move seems to have made him feel a need to boost domestic spending. He's so anxious to get the credit of giving other people's money to seniors during the 2004 campaign that he has forgotten about the future beyond the campaign. House Republicans were so eager to pass the bill before the election heats up that they gave billions to private employers and care providers. Anything for a win.

As Stephen Moore of the tightwad-right Club for Growth noted, "Republicans have lost their fiscal conscience. It's not true that we have an anti-big government party. We have two big-government parties, and they're in a contest to see who can outspend the other. This is putting us on the path to national bankruptcy."

Congress should have passed a bill to provide prescription drug coverage for poor seniors. Instead, it was goodies for all. No senior voter left behind.

Debra J. Saunders

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