Debra J. Saunders

Davis gave a high-class concession speech as well. Davis showed grace as he let go of his most precious prize. I can't imagine His Grayness out of office. I can't imagine Davis relaxing.

Will he move to Europe and grow a beard, a la Al Gore? I don't think so, but he could always get work as a political fund-raiser.

The worst part is that this was so avoidable. If Davis had put more effort into governing than campaigning, if he hadn't backed down so easily when the Legislature rejected his budget, if he had tried to sell his increase in the car tax to the voters (instead of hiding from it), if he had rejected SB 60 because it failed to include national security safeguards, voters well might have seen him as a leader. No doubt, Democratic handlers will see the recall as the result of tactical political failure. In a sense, they're right. His Grayness relied too much on tactics, when he should have been taking care of business.

Debra J. Saunders

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