Debra J. Saunders

Davis is selling out the majority of voters just as his "town hall" meetings seemed to be turning the tide. Moderate voters seemed to respond to the message: Respect the election, oppose the recall.

But it's hard to respect the 2002 election when Davis has signed a bill that says: Forget the law, license illegals.

In an attempt to mollify the public, Team Davis has concocted the specious argument that SB60 will make roads safer because all drivers -- as many as 2 million illegal immigrants are driving without licenses on California roads -- will have to pass the driving test and learn the rules.

Bunk. SB60 does nothing to raise the penalties for driving without a license -- there's a measly $100-$200 fine for a first offense. Nor does the bill raise the penalties for driving without insurance. Yes, prospective licensees would have to study for the test, but then, some of them could be violent felons -- who will end up with licenses that make it possible for them to travel and work in previously unattainable jobs.

That's safer?

Further, SB60 could promote fraud. When SB60 becomes law, the Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically give voter registration forms to noncitizens.

"The DMV has absolutely no choice in the matter," explained DMV spokesman Bill Branch. "We are under a mandate from the federal Motor Voter law."

Before the recall, Davis rejected bills to grant drivers' licenses to illegals because the legislation lacked the needed public safeguards. After the recall, well, SB60 became a Davis anti-recall safeguard.

Forget safeguarding the public. In politics, you only hurt the people you disdain.

Debra J. Saunders

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