Debra J. Saunders

Arnold Schwarzenegger has the money, fame and charm -- but he may not run. If T3 opts out, his buddy Dick Riordan, Los Angeles' former mayor, may throw his hat in the ring -- but as an independent who will make nice with the Dems. Riordan is not what the recallers had in mind.

If Ah-nold and Riordan sit it out, and state Sen. Tom McClintock (who filed exploratory papers Wednesday) doesn't raise millions, the big two contenders could be -- Bill Simon, who lost to Davis in November, and Darrell Issa, the millionaire congressman who put $1.5 million into the recall.

Issa should bill himself as the "catch me if you can" candidate -- the kid arrested (not convicted) for stealing cars who became an auto alarm magnate. He's a high-school-drop-out-turned congressman -- a great American success story.

Except Team Davis has done a handy job of painting Issa as a shady CEO, and Issa has yet to seriously take on the smear campaign. Last year, Team Davis did a similar job on Simon (who made it too easy for them). If some new blood doesn't enter the arena, the only way the lineup could look worse is if one of the recall-Einsteins decides, "Hey, maybe we can get Ken Lay to run."

Debra J. Saunders

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