Debra J. Saunders

Their fanaticism is so visceral that Gerald Kaufman, a member of Parliament, actually threatened to vote against a key Blair hospital bill if the hunting-ban bill failed.

No justice, no peace. No hunting ban, no health?

When predator welfare is more important than healthcare, you know the fox is irrelevant. The real issue is urban versus rural; Labor versus leisure class.

When confronted with such prejudice, there's nothing the ladies waving their underpants could say that would make a difference.

The issue is power. The majority has the power to write laws that tell the minority what it cannot do. The majority is not content to hector foxhunters, or try to persuade them to be kinder in their kills. The majority wants to force the minority -- ostensibly a privileged elite -- to obey. Or else.

Sometimes the highest purpose of government isn't to protect or to serve, but to provide believers with the delicious satisfaction of forcing other people to do as they say. Tally ho.

Debra J. Saunders

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