Debra J. Saunders

A voice boomed from the bench, "Is it time to say 'night-night' to Alistair Campbell (in-the-soup)?" Blair defended the dossier.

But Blair didn't give the battle of wits his all. The PM noted that the documents were essentially accurate. But he should have added that there's bloody, and then there's sloppy. Yes, sloppy is bad when it comes to making arguments for war, but the overall evidence of Hussein's bloody agenda is not in dispute. War opponents ought to pay more attention to the bloody details -- concerning mass-produced murder -- than the sloppy part of argumentation.

If they'd lived in a different era, the carpers' beef with Jack the Ripper would have been his penmanship.

How it must weigh on Blair to have helped liberate an afflicted people, to have brought down a regime that had been responsible for as many as a million Iraqi deaths, and to have worked to allay the threat that WMD would be used outside Iraq, and here he is stuck answering question after question from petty pols carping about the paperwork.

Debra J. Saunders

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