Debra J. Saunders

Be clear on this: Clinton not only used women, he conducted smear campaigns against them. Before he ran for president, he made sure that other people knew what he was doing. He didn't just cheat, he advertised. Isn't that behavior worse than her enabling him?

Besides, if she was an enabler, so were the American people.

In part, Hillary Clinton fascinates us because people want to know what glue holds the Democratic Duo together -- ambition or a pathetic conviction that a man who steps out on his wife is more interesting and desirable? I suspect that she started with the latter, but that feeling waned until only ambition was left.

It doesn't speak well for the senator from New York that, to this day, she blames the right. During her book tour, La Hil keeps warning that the "right wing" wants to "turn back the clock" in this country. Turn back the clock? Does she mean back to the days when pols fooled around while those around them covered up? Back to the double standard when men roamed and women, well, stayed home and baked cookies? Back to the days when the "other women" were bad, while the husband was forgiven? No, she helped turn that clock back.

No matter. Hillary's reward for tolerating abuse is a Senate seat, the adoration of liberals and a best-selling book. Her punishment is the knowledge that she got everything she has, not on her own, but as a sop for allowing her husband to, well, date.

I feel sorry for her.

Debra J. Saunders

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