Debra J. Saunders

GOP strategist Ken Khachigian, who is advising Issa, bristles at that argument. If Team Davis thinks recalls are wrong because they overturn elections, Khachigian challenged, Davis' folks should prove it by putting "together a constitutional amendment to repeal the recall. That's what I suggest they do, say that people have no right to recall any governor, so that you can have the most utterly corrupt and incompetent governor that we've had, and he's immune from sanctions."

Or voters could look at the motley field of candidates -- if Ah-nold and DiFi aren't in it -- and figure, hey, maybe Davis isn't so bad. It's not fair that he has to defend himself against rich guys who are trying to buy a big office.

That is, after all, how Davis the Underdog won the Demo primary in 1998. That's how Davis beat Simon in November. If the tactic works again, the recall could transform Davis from the governor with the worst poll ratings ever -- a lousy 28 percent approval, according to the Public Policy Institute of California -- to Gumby the Giant Recall Slayer.

Debra J. Saunders

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