Debra J. Saunders

So, only the left can tell people what to do, while devout Christians such as Santorum are supposed to keep their mouths shut in Dean's ostensibly united America?

Here you see the Dean Conundrum.

Supporters are convinced that Dean can energize people who don't vote, as well as young voters. I ran into a red-faced GOP Bush donor who came with friends and confided to me that he thinks Dean is the only Democrat "who can give Bush any trouble."

Others say Dean has moved too far to the left to be a threat to the Republican incumbent in a general election.

At the Ferry Building gathering, civil union was a winner, but let it be noted that even in left-leaning Gore-happy California, 61 percent of voters approved a measure three years ago that limited marriage to heterosexuals.

Recently, Dean told CNN that "we don't know yet" if it's a better thing that Saddam Hussein has been ousted. Unlike Dean, I know the world is better off without Hussein in power, but I don't know yet which theory on Dean is true.

Debra J. Saunders

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