Debra J. Saunders

Sometimes, you get pushed, and then you push back too far.

Only time will tell if hardball lobbies such as the NRA -- or NARAL Pro-Choice America -- are right to oppose almost all compromises. To them, this is war, and the other side is the enemy.

Arulanandam said of anti-gun groups, "Their aim is to repeal the Second Amendment and make the very act of owning a firearm illegal. This begs the question, 'Why do you compromise with someone whose endgame is to drive you into the sea?'"

Ricker argued that if the gun industry doesn't bend, another Columbine will occur, and the other side will be able to enact worse, draconian gun laws. As a cure, oddly, Ricker is supporting draconian lawsuits that are poison to his old buddies.

"I've now been banished, if you will. I've crossed over that line," said Ricker.

Only time will tell if the NRA's hard-line keeps bad laws from creeping in, or pushes out all but the truest of believers.

Debra J. Saunders

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