Debra J. Saunders

"Not humane?" marveled the California Waterfowl Association's Bill Gaines: "Joe Nation wouldn't think twice about buying a steak at a local Safeway. You want to talk about animal cruelty." (At least doves live freely until they meet the birdshot in the sky.)

What about the rights of dove hunters? Nation answered, "There are about 100,000 dove hunters in California, which means there are 35 million people, the rest of the population, who don't hunt doves."

So much for the majority looking out for the rights of the minority. Would Nation like it if a Manteca lawmaker introduced a bill to ban hot tubs because they waste energy?

Or if a Tulare pol introduced a bill mandating that people eat only meat that they've slaughtered themselves -- so that cows don't die needlessly? Or how about a resolution suggesting that public schools serve dove? Gaines tells me it's healthier than the processed foods served in public schools.

Shush. Rural lawmakers wouldn't dare write laws like that. They wouldn't want to look ridiculous.

Debra J. Saunders

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