David Williams

Just a week before announcing the Angola shenanigans, Ex-Im announced it was going to throw some largesse Burma’s way. In the release Hochberg stated the deal “will improve trade flows between our two countries and help reintegrate Burma into the global economy.”

This ignores the fact that Burma’s human rights violations are so bad that other elements of our own federal government have refused to assist them. It was one of just four nations banned from getting military assistance this year, thanks to the Child Soldiers Prevention Act. A prohibition on importing jades and rubies is still in place.

It’s not a stretch to say our tax dollars are now running the risk of funding a child soldier army.

This sort of cronyism from the Export-Import Bank is counterintuitive at best, hypocritical and downright disgusting at its worst. It’s shelling out our money to boost companies that don’t need it, and whose interests directly harm a sector of our own economy.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in just a two week span its opened the doors of unlimited funding for another nation’s businesses and another that constantly violates human rights and enlists children to carry out its aims.

That goes to show the power that’s been forked over to an unelected crony like Hochberg and the bank he leads. This picking of winners and losers at the expense of common-sense and our economy has to stop.

The Angola, Burma, and Boeing trifecta should be the last straw on this mis-guided adventure in cronyism.

David Williams

David Williams is the President of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance (TPA).