David Williams

Is it money for mule museums? No. Actually it’s much worse because everyone knows about it and everyone knows it’s a waste and we have a real opportunity to kill it. No one supports it on any legitimate merits, yet Farm Bill conferees are still having to waste not just money but precious time debating its legitimacy.

The program itself and the unfortunate fact that everyone in Washington is talking about it shows the special interest handout culture that once permeated the hallowed halls of Congress lives. In this case that culture is illustrated, appropriately, by a bottom feeder.

It wastes millions and millions of tax dollars, its trade implications ironically hurt farmers and a clear bipartisan majority wants it done away with. Yet the Farm Bill conferees continue to debate, discuss and determine its future.

No wonder voters are fed up with Washington. Without putting too fine a historical point on it, this is one of those Congressional moments that is just plain dumb.

David Williams

David Williams is the President of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance (TPA).