David Strom

Take the current hurricane season, or for that matter last year’s. Both were predicted by the Climate scaremongers to be among the worst in human history, but instead they have been among the quietest.

Contrary to their predictions, Polar Bear populations have been steady or increasing, and are so populous that hunting them is legal.

And most importantly, contrary to their predictions, human life spans are increasing and by any measure human well-being is at its all-time high in human history. In fact, if one were to plot average global temperatures along with human well-being, there is pretty much a one-to-one correlation between a warmer earth and better standards of living and human population growth.

Unfortunately, for politicians the facts are entirely beside the point, because studying the facts would get in the way of those trying to grasp enormous amounts of money and power at the expense of the average citizen.

Governor Pawlenty’s trip to the Arctic this spring is a purely symbolic move. Climate science will not be advanced one iota. If anything, his trip will further the propaganda of those with everything to gain and nothing to lose if their “science” proves faulty.

But it will also, he calculates, advance his political career. Just as the Climate Scare has advanced the careers of Al Gore, the scientists who are enjoying a 10-fold increase in government spending on climate research, and the phony “carbon trading” schemers who are making out like bandits while the rest of us fork over our freedoms to them.

The question Governor Pawlenty should be asking is this: what would the effect on human population of reducing carbon emissions by 80%? In a state with a climate that mirrors Siberia, I would suggest that the consequences would be very grave indeed. Millions of Minnesotans freezing in the dark, unable to travel because their cars have no gasoline, and unable to heat their homes because natural gas and electricity production are far from carbon neutral does not look like a good future to most Minnesotans.

So let me suggest a better trip for Governor Pawlenty than the one to the Arctic this spring: try living a Minnesota winter without the power and heat sources that emit carbon dioxide. Try eating only locally produced food in the middle of Winter. Avoid using the State car and walk to the Capitol some morning when it is 30 below zero outside.

Because that is what life would be like if the policies he is proposing truly were enforced.

Something tells me that asking Minnesotans to truly make those sacrifices might not enhance Pawlenty’s political career quite so much as he thinks.

David Strom

David Strom is the President of the Minnesota Free Market Institute. He hosts a weekly radio show on AM-1280 "The Patriot" in Minneapolis-St. Paul, available on podcast at Townhall.com.

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