David Norcross

But Clinton does not want to look to past residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for advice, check out what those who live on Main Street overwhelming support? 75% of the American people support photo voter ID laws according to a June 2011 Rasmussen poll. The more disturbing fact is that Clinton, Wasserman Schultz, Reid and others are out of touch with their own Democratic voters, 63% of which support photo voter ID.

Statistical evidence does not back up the claims that photo voter ID laws hurt minority groups. Jeffrey Milyo of the University of Missouri published a study that found that Indiana’s photo voter ID law had no effect on voter turnout in counties with higher concentrations of minority, poor, elderly or less educated voters. He found that voter turnout actually increased in counties with Democratic majorities.

Democrats in the nation’s capital should abandon the explosive rhetoric about disenfranchisement and follow the lead of Representative Pickett, Senator Metts and the Rhode Island legislature. They have all recognized that voter ID is about keeping elections open, fair and honest.

David Norcross

David A. Norcross is chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA).