David Morris

Posted December 02, 2011

It was the spring of 2010 when a media firestorm is ignited over the passage of a new law in the Grand Canyon State. The controversy? Simple enforcement of the federal law wherein the federal government has proven derelict: securing the border against illegal immigration.

Posted November 12, 2011

The youth is the future, as often said. Thanks to the crushing effects of this economy however, our youth is finding it difficult to grow up.

Posted November 01, 2011

Herman Cain has recently shot up in the GOP polls, demonstrating that he could be a threat to President Obama in the general election. With such positioning however, comes increased scrutiny. To that cause, critics have chosen the centerpiece of Cain's message as their attack point: the 999 Tax Plan.

Posted October 29, 2011

Herman Cain just may represent the greatest threat to the viability of the Democratic Party since the 1960s. The reason why is simple: Because he is black. And he's a Republican.

Posted October 04, 2011

Solyndra may have gone belly up, but at least it goes out with style. Constructed by union workers at a total cost of $733 million (proceeding from the Energy Department's $535 million loan guarantee), the Solyndra facility featured robots that sang Disney tunes, 19 loading decks, and localized rail lines for moving products across its 300,000 square feet (approximately 5 football fields).