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Listen to the tenor and substance of the pro-abortionists' arguments. It is clear that they want to dehumanize not only the unborn but also the women facing this very traumatic decision. These groups have certainly demonstrated the power of propaganda to effect political and judicial action on abortion, but they'll never be successful in using it to transform the human soul, conscience or spirit.

No matter how hard the pro-abortionists work to lull women (and men) into believing abortion is purely a mechanical medical procedure, they'll never be able to convince most women to the depth of their souls that they are not carrying their own flesh and blood in the womb. They may help pregnant women rationalize and suppress their awareness, but they'll never be able to eliminate it, and I dare say this is the reason so many studies demonstrate that women who have had abortions end up experiencing emotional and psychological problems at some point after an abortion. Ultimately, most people pay a price for trying to outrun their consciences.

I am not moralizing here against the women who decide to get an abortion. That's a very complex matter. But I am critical of those who, in the name of choice, treat abortion as if it were nothing and labor to remove all impediments to it.

Before you conclude that I'm overstating the case, please listen to former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett, who says the abortion industry actively promotes abortions to make money. "I sold abortions," she said, describing her abortion clinics as a "cash cow." "We had a goal of three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18 because we all work on a straight commission inside the abortion industry."

More chillingly, Everett revealed that in order to reach their financial goal, they first had to create a "market for abortions," which meant persuading young people, through "sex education," to see sexuality in an entirely different way than previous generations. From the abortion industry's point of view, she said, the earlier sex education is started the greater the profits.

Also, when pregnant girls call an abortion clinic and reach a counselor, said Everett, they only hear about abortion, not adoption. The counselors, she explained, are actually telemarketers trained to "overcome objections" and close the deal by making an appointment for an abortion. They reassure the girls by saying such things as "we can take care of the problem" and "no one needs to know."

Here we have evidence from inside the belly of the beast that abortion clinics hold themselves out as pro-choice when they are actually promoting abortions.

Kudos to the Missouri Legislature for passing this bill and attempting to restore value to human life.

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh, brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, is an expert on law and politics. He recently authored the New York Times best-selling book: "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel."

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