David Limbaugh

Whoa, you say. That is a large list of policy items, Limbaugh, that you are admitting yourself that Obama is profoundly interested and engaged in. To be sure, I am admitting that -- but with a huge qualifier. Even on those issues close to his heart, Obama is only engaged at the superficial level. He's the agenda setter in chief; don't let anyone fool you into believing someone else is pulling his Manchurian strings in terms of the overall hard-left direction of his presidency. He is also the head cheerleader -- the captain of the squad that travels the country in virtually nonstop campaign mode to propagandize and con the American public into supporting his ideas.

But he is clearly not engaged at the level of policy details and even less in anything having to do with implementing these policies. Just think back to the development of the Obamacare legislation. Obama knew that he wanted to move toward nationalized health care and achieve it as soon as he could get away with it. His various speeches and actions leave little room for doubt on this point.

There is also no doubt that without Obama's initial political capital and his obsessive drive to achieve socialized health care, Obamacare would never have become a reality -- a nightmarish reality but a reality nonetheless. But remember when individuals at public health care forums and politicians would question him about the specifics of his plan? Because he was not conversant with any of the policy details, he could only answer in vague generalities.

The truth was he didn't have a plan, other than a large-scale blueprint. Instead, he delegated the task to Democrats in the Senate and, through the legislative process, tried to steer the bill a certain way; he had little hands-on involvement. Thus, when he said that his bill did not include federal funding for abortion, he was either lying or completely clueless that the Senate bill, which he had now glommed onto as "his plan," did in fact authorize such funding in certain situations. Why else would he have had to bribe recalcitrant Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak with a promise to issue an executive order countermanding the provision authorizing such funding?

We saw this same pattern of governance in Obama's abominable handling of the Gulf oil spill, as I've mentioned before. He was wholly disengaged and largely unconcerned with the damages from the spill, except those to his public relations image, as I documented in my latest book. He obviously didn't understand the complexity of the efforts to plug the leak when he uttered his disgraceful cry of frustration -- "just plug the damn hole" -- as if his regal tantrum would magically eradicate the problem.

I can't prove this, but I bet that in a few years, insiders will begin talking and confirm our suspicions that Obama was precisely this sort of bullying administrator. He orders everyone to accomplish his larger goals and is further willing to campaign and community organize throughout the country at a furious pace to push these items. But as to the details, he is unconcerned, out to lunch and on the golf course and doesn't want to be bothered. I bet we'll also find that his staff either was afraid of his wrath and left him alone when it came to details or just left him alone because he wasn't engaged enough to be useful.

On the bright side, we just have three more years.

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh, brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, is an expert on law and politics. He recently authored the New York Times best-selling book: "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel."

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