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Despite his passion for these big-ticket "reforms," he didn't want to be bothered with the details of these bills. His function was to sell the big idea and let others fill in the blanks. Beyond the broad strokes and helping his cronies, he probably had little knowledge of the specific provisions in his stimulus bill. And we mustn't forget that he never formulated his own health care bill and was prepared to adopt whichever one made it through Congress, provided it was sufficiently statist. Nancy Pelosi's statement that we'd have to find out the contents of the bill after they passed it is probably better-understood in this context.

Obama's big idea mindset also explains why he has no compunction about spending so much time on the golf course or on vacation and why he couldn't be bothered to attend many national security briefings. He's the big issue guy; let lesser mortals haggle over the "details."

But here's what's scary. Because of Obama's blind leftist ideology and his quasi-religious zeal in pursuing them, he's impervious to negative feedback, negative consequences and negative results. He looks at his stimulus bill, which didn't stimulate anything except more unemployment and higher debt, and believes -- or claims he believes -- that it worked. His economic ideas haven't changed at all. He intends to double down on his stimulus spending in a second term.

The debt, to him, is a nuisance, an aggravation and an inconvenient obstacle to his goal of fundamentally transforming America through radical schemes of redistribution via both taxation and spending. This is one of the main reasons he has blocked entitlement reform to date and would continue to do so if re-elected.

He either doesn't care about the national debt and the future financial health of this country or is in denial about the crushing effects his deficit spending would have in a second term. Either way, he intends to stay the course -- the course that heads straight for the cliff, toward national bankruptcy.

Obama's statement shows that he has learned nothing constructive from the past four years. His first-term takeaway is that he will have to be even more determined and ruthless in a second term in driving through his agenda, which he now understands can only be achieved through Alinsky tactics. So when he says change must be achieved from the outside, that is code for "community organizing" and means he'd be even less respectful of the Constitution and rule of law in a second term -- which is chilling.

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David Limbaugh

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