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A House delegation made similar findings in 2005, with Rep. Joe Wilson reporting, "The detainees' meal was as good as any I had in my 31 years of Army Guard service, and I can see why the prisoners this year gained five pounds over last year."

But never mind the facts. Undeterred, presidential candidate Obama promised to close Gitmo (with little opposition from Sen. McCain), though he had no plans for the relocation of the prisoners. He also campaigned hard against the Bush administration's allegedly abusive war policies, though he vehemently denied he would return America to a pre-9/11 mindset or to having a law enforcement approach against jihadists.

But since taking office, he has done just that. I know, I know … even some conservative wishful thinkers have been led to believe Obama "gets it" because, despite his bluster, he has retained the NSA surveillance program and military tribunals with only cosmetic changes.

I have difficulty understanding their optimism, in view of Obama's encouragement of Iran's nuclear aspirations; his steadfast determination to close Gitmo, though still having no plan for prisoner relocation; his Cairo speech, evidencing his preferential sympathy for Palestinians over Israelis, with his cynical equating of the Holocaust with Palestinian dislocation; his refusal to denounce Islamic terrorism; his attempt to delegitimize the Jews' entitlement to their land; and his astounding sugarcoating of Muslim intolerance.

It is equally mystifying that Obama's apologists overlook his callously euphemistic substitutions of "overseas contingency operations" for "war on terror" and "man-caused disasters" for "terrorist attacks" and his release of classified CIA "torture memos" for enemy consumption over the objections of his own intelligence officials.

But this very week, Obama has outdone himself. There are reports that his Justice Department has quietly ordered the FBI to give Miranda warnings to enemy combatants captured at war in Afghanistan. This, after Obama mocked Sarah Palin's campaign prediction that he would do this and his similar denial to "60 Minutes'" Steve Kroft.

Is this new approach to the war, er, overseas contingency operations, what Obama means by promoting our shared values? Do our shared values include treating terrorists like victims and putting Americans' security at risk?

What in the world is Obama thinking? What evidence is available to him, other than perhaps a hyper-narcissistic delusion that he can tame murderous terrorists with a speech, to justify his radical softening of our life-and-death struggle against Islamo-terrorism?

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh, brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, is an expert on law and politics. He recently authored the New York Times best-selling book: "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel."

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