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Democrat honchos, for their part, are basking in the public's ostensible rejection of the president's policies -- on Iraq and Social Security, among others. Ultimately, though, the joke may be on them, since even during the president's popularity slide, they have nothing constructive of their own to offer -- no solutions, no plans -- as witnessed by Democrat Party Boss Howard Dean's virtual admission of same on Sunday's "Face the Nation."

All the while, President Bush remains unflappable and determined to achieve his stated goals. No matter how often Democrats accuse him of trying to destroy Social Security, he is intent on preserving it and preventing it from bankrupting the federal government, which is inevitable absent major reform. No matter what they throw at him on Iraq, from baseless allegations that he lied to get us into the war to charges that he is deliberately under-armoring the troops, he stays firm, notwithstanding reports he is losing resolve, trying to lower expectations or experiencing fissures in his administration.

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders want to have it both ways. Some say we should withdraw from Iraq. Others demand that we add many more troops, while simultaneously complaining about the enormity of the federal deficit (despite the recent good news on this front, by the way).

Democrats condemn the president for "nation building" and intermeddling, yet insist we micromanage the Iraqi constitutional drafting process to ensure American-type civil rights for women (which, of course, is laudable). Along with the press they shamelessly prop up and exploit a grieving mother to serve as a sympathetic vehicle to carry their inane conspiratorial charges against the president with total disregard for how that demoralizes our troops and undermines our cause.

There's no denying we face enormous problems in the war on terror and in our quest to aid the Iraqis in launching a constitutional republic, neither of which lends itself to a magical, tidy solution. And there are legitimate issues to debate concerning both.

But the Democrats' and media's persistent sniping at the president to the point of abject partisan gamesmanship does not constitute good faith debate. Nor does it further our cause against this enemy, which is dedicated to destroying the West and restoring the glory of the caliphate to rule the world.

Which is why I'm grateful we have an action-oriented president who has the courage and inner-strength -- which some, I believe, misinterpret as stubbornness -- to persevere no matter how relentless the daily beating he receives in the press. And it's another reason I'm thankful for the sagacity of the Framers for crafting a system that sought to give our leaders the latitude to operate in the long-term national interest.

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh, brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, is an expert on law and politics. He recently authored the New York Times best-selling book: "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel."

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