David Horowitz

At a panel discussion on Islamo Fascism Awareness at the University of Pennsylvania protestors passed out flyers claiming that it was President Bush who was a Fascist and claimed that panel speaker Daniel Pipes wanted to intern Americans of Japanese descent.

At UC Berkeley Arab American writer and public speaker Nonie Darwish confronted a hostile audience, including members of the radical Revolutionary Communist Party who had threatened to disrupt the event. Darwish described violence against Muslim women and talked about efforts on campus to intimidate and silence Arab Americans who speak out against terrorism.

Other events today was a panel discussion hosted by radio celebrity Alan Nathan at George Mason University and a panel discussion hosted by Michael Ledeen at George Washington University.

Islamo Fascism Awareness week continues on Tuesday with an appearance by former U.S. Sen Rick Santorum at Penn State University and other events.

David Horowitz

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